Sabrina Clarke is a composer, theorist, pianist, and music educator based in Philadelphia.
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Listen to a playlist of my original music here.


Gallant (Mis)adventures in Quixotism (2014)

Adagiochamber orchestra (2013)

SerenadeString Orchestra and Harp (2012)

Elegie; chamber orchestra (2011)


Storybook Songs; soprano and chamber ensemble (2014)

And Sunshine Came Alongviolin and piano (2014)

Dance No. 2 for String Trio (2012)

Dialogue for Clarinet and Cello (2011)

Preposition for flute and percussion (2010)
I. Blink

Retrospective: Or Illusion, string quartet (2009)


Chipped WingsSATB choir and piano (2012)

Fair are the Flowers, SATB choir and piano (2010)


Five Harpsichord Miniatures (2013) View the score!

Counting Tomatoes; solo viola (2014)

Sonatina in E Major for solo piano (2009)

and other stories: a bildungsroman (2017) 


Third Party Consequences

For piano and five dancers 

August 30, 2013

Little Berlin Art Gallery

Event website 

and other stories: a bildungsroman (2017)

III. Pastorale: little yellow dog

IV. Romance: coffee shop talk

Five Harpsichord Miniatures

Qiao Chu, harpsichord 

To a New Beloved

Katherine Crawford & Rebecca Ashe: Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame

Jan Hus Presbyterian Church

Mezzo soprano and flute (2013)

*Recording starts at 6:57 in this video.

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